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Abandoned Heroes Tides of the Force, the game where the rulebook is mealy a guide and your abilities are only limited by the depths of your imagination and the size of your GM-Bribe.

A Dark Side campaign where the fate of the Sith Retribution rests on your shoulders. From Millionaire Tyrant Tycoons to chaos bent Sith Lords to pimped out super Droids, this is the game where YOU are the hero, and the universe knows it.

:: What? When? Where? ::
Set at the turn of the Old Republic’s Civil War, You are a Level 14 Hero with a chip on your shoulder. Taking place largely during the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant during 3,653 BBY, this campaign will feature heavy use of flash back and flash forward to fully convey the consequences of the players actions. A fully developed character cycle must be established goals, dreams, and drive.

And remember; Han Shot First!

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