Supreme Chancellor Janarus

Leader of the Galactic Republic


Former HoloVid Actor turned Politician, Janarus is the much loved figure head of the people.


*T*he Supreme Chancellor is a man with the weight of an entire galaxy on his shoulders. When tensions run high in the Senate, and systems threaten secession over cooperation, it falls to him to maintain order. When armed conflicts erupt at the borders of Imperial space, he is the one who must face the public’s outrage and keep the peace. When the Republic fails in its duties and the best laid

Supreme Chancellor Janarus had long served the people of the Republic as Senator of Coruscant before the reemergence of the Sith Empire thrust him into the seat of power. Struck humble and leaderless by the carnage of the Sacking of Coruscant, it was the resolute leadership with which Janarus pulled his crippled homeworld back together that earned him the unified respect of the people and the Senate alike. When the assembly next met, Janarus was unanimously elected to take up the office of the late Supreme Chancellor who was lost in the attack.

*J*anarus is and has been the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic throughout the time of the Great Hyperspace War. His carefully groomed speeches, serious attention to urgent situations and Zero Tolerance policy toward alcohol, spice and contraband have maintained him as a shining beacon of hope to the patrons of the Republic.

There are however those who seek a lifestyle not befitting Pultimo’s shining paragon, and they have grown desperate, reaching further and further away from the core and into the unpatrolled depths of the war-torn galaxy.

Supreme Chancellor Janarus

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