Sterling Chambers

EVP of Yoyodyne Industries


Chambers is a Republic veteran of the Galactic Civil War, having served in the Mid-rim Theater, where he served in the 201st Division lovingly called the ‘Gentleman’s Squadron’ along side Private 1st Class Kane, of whom he shared a brotherly relationship with. After the war the pair joined with fellow entrepreneur Mr. Marmaduke, and formed the now infamous YOYODYNE Industries.

Chambers was a notorious womanizer (living like he was “on shore leave”) until two heart-attacks in the same year changed his perspective, at least for a while. His health scare did not affect his drinking or smoking habits, which remained excessive. He retains considerable affection from both Mr.Kane and Jean of whom he has shared most of his life including inevitable marriage to his long time mistress and birth of his children.


Sterling Chambers

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