Sith Lord Naga Sadow

Sith General and Commander of the first Sith Invasion Force.


Born on the exotic frost world of Ziost, Naga Shadow is the son of a Human Mother and Sith-spawn Father.

Shadow is a powerful dark magician and illusionist. His supreme abilities allowed for the Sith Invasion fleet to pass hidden through countless Republic Patrols before the invasion of Coruscant.

Shadow often drapes himself in dark purple robes, and wears a golden face mask.

Despite his 6"4 stature Shadow often appears shorter as he is constantly hunched, his withering frail form restricts him from moving in heavier than normal gravity. It is said he calls on the force itself to aid his movement during duals.


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The unexpected arrival of two Hyperspace-traveling siblings on Korriban, Gav and Jori Daragon, immediately spurred Sadow’s progressive nature. Seeing them as passports to an ideal opportunity for conquest of the Galactic Republic from which they originated, Shadow masterminded a plot that resulted in his ascendance to Dark Lord of the Sith. Now the undisputed ruler of the Sith Empire, Sadow allowed one of the alien travellers, to return home in feigned earnest; he was in truth allowing the traveler to unwittingly lead his forces directly back to the Republic.

The Sith fleet emerged from hyperspace before an ample defence could be mustered. Launching attacks against various unsuspecting Republic worlds. Lead by the Generals and Dark Lords of the Sith and their armies, of which Shadow was the first.

Naga Shadow’s disapearance has forfitted his spot on the Dark Council, under much scrutiny Darth Malgus was elected to serve in his place, pending Naga’s return.

Sith Lord Naga Sadow

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