The Dark Council


The Dark Council was the ruling body of the Sith Empire in 3,653 BBY. Its members held the Darth title and wore personal Sith armors that protect their entire bodies, even their faces.

The twelve-member council consisting solely of powerful Sith Lords who had risen to the rank of General within the Sith Invasion Army. The Council report only to the Sith Emperor himself and are the only beings allowed to see the Emperor’s face.

Members of Note:
Darth Animus – “The Controller”
Darth Howl – “The Hunter”
Darth Jadus – “The Riddle”
Darth Malgus – “The Negotiator”
Darth Marr – “The Tormentor”
Darth Skele – “The Whisper”
Darth Vowrawn – “The Pure Blood”

Leading up to the signing of the Treaty at the “close” of the War; The Council convened to discuss the future, the meeting would be much anticipated, although it would bring about victory, many would feared its outcome.

The Dark Council

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