Galactic Criminal Factions

:: The Exchange ::

250px the exchange

The Exchange was a criminal organization active around 4,000 BBY, and possibly the most powerful of its time, that dealt in spice smuggling, extortion, weapon trafficking, slave trading, and bounty hunting. The organization was active on many planets and employed notorious bounty hunters such as Calo Nord. During the First Jedi Purge, they posted a huge bounty on live Jedi, large enough to purchase an entire planet. 300 years later, during the Cold War, the Exchange was engaged in a galaxy spanning crime war with the Hutt Cartel centring on Nar Shaddaa.

:: Black Sun ::
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Black Sun held a massive amount of reach and influence, extending its tendrils of corruption deep in the various galactic governments of each era. It was infamous for its involvement in piracy and smuggling. But smuggling was just the tip of the iceberg of the galaxy-wide organization. It was involved in every known type of illegal activity; its information networks surpassed even the accuracy and scope of Imperial Intelligence. The resources available to Black Sun rivaled those belonging to a large planetary army, including foot soldiers.

:: Hutt Cartel ::
180px jabba s desilijic clan tattoo swff

The Hutt Cartel was a powerful criminal syndicate, or business alliance of Hutts. During the time of the Great Galactic War, the Hutt Cartel was displeased with the Sith Emperor because he did not include them in his plans and intrigues. However, due to the subterfuge of Imperial Intelligence agents, the Republic was unsuccessful in gaining the Hutts’ support against the Empire. The Cartel remained neutral in the war, like most others in the criminal underworld.

Galactic Criminal Factions

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