Bonus EXP and Classy Points

Earning Bonus EXP
Bonus Experience is awarded when a player proves they have learned from their actions or from the storyline presented. The range of ways to do this are countless however stock-standard ways would be to show extra effort put into their back-stories, in-game actions, or even out of game actions aiding other players. It could be writing an NPCs Bio, a Adventure Log or posting your grand plans on the Forum. IT ALL ADDS UP! And you’ll need it… I’m not above killing you.


Earning Classy Points.
You can earn classy points by handling a situation or challenge with a degree of finesse, grace or general classiness beyond that of a mundane decision . Classy Points are awarded at the table at the time of maximum classiness.

What are Classy Points?
Classy Points are a type of Force Point that stack on top of and reach beyond the maximum number of your current Force Points. A Classy point has the same in-game applications as a Force Point however, in special circumstances burning multiple Classy points may in allowed in exchange for a special action.

Bonus EXP and Classy Points

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