Situated in the Alderaan sector of the Core Worlds, Alderaan’s surface is one of natural beauty. Occasionally called the “shining star” of the Core Worlds, the planet’s lush forests, grassy plains and snow-capped mountain ranges provide inspiration for many of the galaxy’s writers, who often travel to Alderaan to invoke their muse. Flying through the skies are giant winged creatures known as Thrantas, which are commonly used for air transportation over the planet’s vast plains. Thranta riders can look down upon these plains to view grazing lands for the native nerf herds.

Alderaanian cities were often built with great care taken to protect nature. One such city, Crevasse City was built on the walls of a canyon, nearly invisible from above. Others were built on stilts along the shoreline or under the polar ice. The capital, Aldera, known for its university, was built on a small island in the center of a caldera.

Artists, poets and philosophers frequently visit the Castle Lands of Oroboro, home of the Killik mounds. Standing for over 31,000 years, these mounds were originally built by Alderaan’s native Killiks, centuries before the indigenous species was taken from the planet by another ancient civilization known as the Celestials, or the Architects. Rumors state that the Killik species traveled to several other planets (including a failed attempt to colonize Korriban) before they were enslaved by the Celestials to build Centerpoint Station in the Corellian system. Killik hives can still be found in Alderaan’s subterranean caverns.

Major Cities:


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