Xavier Roth

Space Cowboy


Level: 15
Classes: Scoundrel (3 levels) / Soldier (4 levels) / Gunslinger (8 levels)
Hit Points: 76
Damage Threshold: 26
Reflex – 33 (level 15, class 4, stat 4, base 10)
Fortitude – 26 (level 15, class 2, stat -1, base 10)
Will – 29 (level 15, class 1, stat 3, base 10)

Strength: 13 (+ 1)
Dexterity: 18 (+ 4)
Constitution: 9 (- 1)
Intelligence: 14 (+ 2)
Wisdom: 16 (+ 3)
Charisma: 16 (+ 3)

Base Attack Bonus: + 14
Customized Heavy Blaster Pistol: [point blank assumed] + 20 / + 20 (4d8 + 14, x2)
Unarmed: + 15 (1d4 + 1, x2)

All Untrained – 7 + stat
Acrobatics + 16
Deception + 15
Initiative + 16
Mechanics + 14
Perception + 14
Pilot + 21 + vehicle
Stealth + 16
Use the Force + 15

Force Sensitivity (GM gift)
Strong in the Force (GM gift)
Weapon Proficiency: simple, pistols, rifles (class)
Point Blank Shot (class)
Force training [1x Surge, 3x Negate Energy](human)
Weapon Focus (1st)
Rapid Shot (Bonus: class -scoundrel)
Precise Shot (3rd)
Quick Draw (Bonus: class – soldier)
Return Fire (6th)
Combat Reflexes (Bonus: class – soldier)
Vehicular Combat (9th)
Double Attack (12th)
Skill Focus: Pilot (15th)

Knack (1st scoundrel)
Labyrinthine Mind (3rd scoundrel)
Negate and Redirect (1st soldier)
Weapon Specialization (3rd soldier)
Trigger Work (1st gunslinger)
Multi-attack Proficiency (3rd gunslinger)
Multi-attack Proficiency (5th gunslinger)
Lucky Shot (7th gunslinger)


1351541 cowboy bebop   spike

Xavier has always been a man tied to his past. As a youth in the Jedi Temple he under-performed, and, inevitably, he was passed over when he came of age to become a Padawan. With no knight willing to take him over another student, Xavier was sent into service in the Agricorps. With the invasion of the Sith, many of the half-trained Jedi were called into the army’s ranks to fight a losing battle; unprepared to face the foe, thousands were massacred. Xavier deserted; the chaos gave him the chance he had been looking for to escape the Jedi, and he took it.

However, before he could make good on his escape, Xavier met the figure who was to most influence his life: Bendax Clavis. The mysterious Grey Jedi passed on to him a bauble of importance – though Xavier couldn’t have known at the time its true value.

In his time wandering, Xavier was plagued by dreams – visions in the Force – which he struggled to make sense of. One does not simply leave the Jedi, either, and he was hunted. The first time he took a life left a deep scar in Xavier’s psyche, and he has never forgiven the Jedi for sending the young knight for senseless reasons, nor himself for having to kill a good person.

Xavier started to take on jobs that would earn him immediate and anonymous cash. In his existential despair, he turned to a life of Bounty Hunting and applied himself with a dispassionate efficiency to the task. Xavier grew to be well-known and feared in his profession; the money afforded him vice, and that vice, in turn, pushed him further away from the Force and his visions. The resulting detachment and derelict debauchery severed him from any respect even amongst the criminal underground. It would be some time before Xavier woke up to himself.

The moment of truth for Xavier came when he met Taria Damsin for the first time. The Jedi Shadow was to have many encounters with her quarry and each one made Xavier feel more engaged in the thrill of the chase and battle of wits, once more. He still couldn’t tell you what it was that made her different, but a spark had been re-ignited.

Xavier was still left with a problem: finding his calling in the galaxy. That he was being driven toward something by the Force he could no longer deny, even if he had wanted to; and the strange crystal from Bendax that haunted his dreams was a constant reminder of this. Xavier has given himself up to being guided by the Force – feeling sometimes as though he is drifting through his dreams towards his purpose. The vivid visions have encroached upon reality for him and they are slowly becoming one and the same.

It was not long after he set upon his path that he came across Conrad Starkweather Cane and the riddle started falling into place…

Xavier Roth

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