Grand Master Sir Ikarus Ashford

"The Everbright" - War Hero of the Republic


Light Brown hair, Bright blue eyes and standing strong at 6"3 Ikarus Ashford is Grand Master of the Corellian Jedi Temple. He is a decorated War Veteran and system famous ‘Master of Initiate Training’ at the Jedi Temple on Coracaunt.

Famous for his vindication during the The Kronos River Trial and his fearless; often dangerous efforts on the battlefield Ashford became the first Jedi Master known for operating on his own terms, while never going against the Order.


Known throughout the galaxy as one of the Galactic Republic’s most revered Generals; Master Ashford earned his stripes the hard way, in a story now as famous in the core as the Supreme Chancellor himself.

After The Kronos River Trial Ashford was celebrated for his unwavering dedication to truth and justice. He was given the unique rank of “Master of Initiate Training” at the Jedi Temple of Corucant, as well as being promoted to Grand Master of the Jedi Academy on his homeworld of Corellia. As a personal gift from the Correllian Jedi Academy, an ancient Jedi artefact was bestowed to him; a Petrified Corellian Lynsun Heart. Ashford personaly polished, refined and attuned it to function as the Core Crystal of his Lightsaber, it is known for its brilliant glow and blinding flash.
(This in-turn earned him the honorary title of ‘The Everbright’)

Since the return of the Sith and outbreak of war, General Ashford has been given more than his share of power. Respected and revered by those who know his capabilities, and flawlessly unquestioned by his former accusers Jedi General Grand Master Sir. Ikarus Ashford the Everbright remains the most decorated freeman walking the galaxy.

Grand Master Sir Ikarus Ashford

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