Darth Animus

Dark General of the Sith Forces


str: 10
Dex: 8
Con: 10
Int: 14
Char: 20

HP: 100
Fort: 30 Ref: 27 Will: 33
FP: 12
DP: 2

Noble Fencing style
Armoured defence
Influence Savant
Power of the Dark side
Swift Power
Supress Force

Improved Mind Trick
Force Point Recovery
Improved Dark Rage

Quicken Power

Feats/Class Abilities
Starting Feats
Force Sensitive
Force Training x5

Force Powers
Jedi Academy
Vornskyrs Ferocity x3
Drain Energy
Dark Rage

Force Lightning x3
Mind Trick x6
Force Stun
Move Object x2

Clone Wars

Force Scream
Energy Resistance
Fear x3

Force Unleashed
Force Storm
Force Shield

Deception: 17 (36)
Persuasion: 17
Initiative: 11
Galactic Lore: 14
Use Computer: 14
Mechanics: 14
Perception: 14 (19)
Use the Force: 22 (24/26)
Pilot: 11
Stealth: 16

Darth Animus’s Armour
Inbuilt; Guard shoto (attuned with jenraux), miniturised electro binoculars, video recorder, miniaturised ascention gun, miniaturised aural amplifiers, vacuum seals, reflec shadow skin, miniaturised helmet package.

Mini sonar mapper
mini com scanner
mini pocket scrambler
lightsaber, long handle (attuned with jenraux)
Mini disrupter pistol
mini holoshroud
mini sound sponge
mini surveillance detector
Explosive charge x3
Timer x3
Remote detonator
All temperature cloak with Enviro seals
Utility Belt
Aero Sled
Thermal Detonators x2
Smoke Grenade x2

High Galactic


There was once a man and this man became Darth Animus.
Once he had a name, a family, a job, an identity. This man gave himself to the force.
Deeply, he felt the fear of mortality and insignificance
Deeply, he felt the rage of oppression and subjugation.
Deeply, he felt the hate of one subject to the whims of the universe and of men and he could not stand it.
This man ceased to be.
He no longer remembered the people he once knew. He no longer remembered what they called him. He no longer remembered where he was from. He no longer remembered who he was.
This man knew only what he represented. He knew only his hate. He knew only what he had beome. He knew only that he was Darth Animus.

Unified salutation issued forth from the crowd in the manner of soldiers trained in the same fashion. They were rejoicing in the news brought to them from the large vid screen mounted on the wall of the assembly room. The screen showed an attractive Holonet reporter from a sith approved channel citing battle statistics from an undisclosed and undoubtedly erroneous source, and then the headline.

“Today, following their defeat by the masterful tactical advances of the Sith empire, the republic has agreed to sign the treaty proposed by the Council. How the mighty have fallen, the vainglorious republic, once too proud to recognise the Sith people and their rights as an independent sovereign entity, must now plead to be recognised in the same fashion.”
The reporter droned on and the crowd of assembled sith soldiers listened in eagerly. Animus, however, was no longer aware of them. His mind reflected on what the reporter has said and it became consumed with one phrase, as it often did, minutia that the reporter had intended as a throw away comment but seemed so significant. ‘the mighty have fallen’.

What was it to be mighty, to have strength, to be the greatest? That was taught throughout the sith doctrine, strength the core of being a sith. However, the republic who had once been considered mighty by the sith people, a worthy adversary, were now defeated, so they were not mighty and never had been in the first place. After all was that not what it was to be mighty; indomitability, indestructability, invincibility. Animus amused himself with this notion. Might was a relative standard retroactively negated by ones inevitable defeat, if not at the hands of an enemy then by the inexorable decay of all things in time. Like perfection, might was an impossible goal, it could not be achieved but by the delusion of oneself. Animus knew then that he was mighty.
Looking down at his men in the assembly room, Animus thought to himself anew. These men though themselves strong because they were part of a thing that was greater than themselves but take them away from that and their strength would wither and die. These men were infected with the disease that was spread by the republic, one that his people sought to eradicate in themselves but was cultivated in the republic like bacteria on an agar plate. A sickness of the mind, filling men with fear and doubt, the insidious belief that actions had consequences. There were no consequences, only results.

Animus knew that to save his people from this cultural infection, the Republic would have to be destroyed entirely, all record of their existence expunged, so that none ever thought of them again and none risked contact with the most vile of diseases. His people would be free to indulge in their own self sufficient magnificence. The shackles of dependency, morality and virtue removed leaving only the virtue of unadulterated egotism.

Animus turned away from his men and looked out into through the viewing window into the vastness of space. He found the emptiness helped him to stem the barrage of thoughts that constantly assaulted his mind. He tented his fingers and began to shift pieces into place, calculating the moves necessary to implement his curriculum for this most severe of educational reforms.

Darth Animus

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