STAR WARS: Abandoned Heroes

Tides of the Force | "Old Tricks"

Session Four

Previously on Abandoned Heroes; Darth Jadus’s plot foiled! A call from Codename: Keeper enrages Darth Animus to speak out of turn, dismissing Imperial Intelligence as a thorn in his side. Stalwart in his efforts too complete Darth Jaduse’s assignment, Animus must turn to an unlikely allie, Conrad Starkweather Kane! Meanwhile haunted dreams plague the minds of young Tabitha and freshly re-suited Xavier Roth; A shared history at the Academy, the ghostly visage of Bendax Clavis and the eerie feeling its all connected bring the young force-users closer.

The arrival of a Jedi Grandmaster on Alderaan spikes the interest of both parties, wishing to learn more Conrad follows him to a meeting with Theo Organa but learns only that his will is no match for the Grandmaster, while Xavier discovers a secret cargo too juicy to ignore.

As the Wedding dawns the time for action is now…


Deadlee Deadlee

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