STAR WARS: Abandoned Heroes

Tides of the Force | "New Unions"

Session Three

Conspiracy run-amok! Amidst the shadow shroud of a solar eclipse Darth Jadus calls a secret meeting of trusted Sith Lords to discuss a possible betrayal by Imperial Intelligence and plans to ensure the Councils survival. Answering the call Darth Animus traversed the chaotic wasteland to learn a new tide in the galactic conflict would rise as Darth Malgus leads a purge on the Jedi Temple! an effort made near impossible by the actions of Codename: Keeper. The key to their plans? The wiley skills of young oracle Tabitha, a troubled mind haunted with demons from her past. Meanwhile! avid golfer and king-consort Theo Organa was ready and able as Luxury Liner Air-recycler specialist Conrad Stark-weather Kane sort to rid his hold of the gangster scum plaguing his patrons. Utilizing the masterful skills of his “security adviser” Xavier Roth; flushing out those in power was a as simple as levitating tommy-gun wielding menopausal woman across a stage. NOW! with the Starchamber empty, and the night upon you, the time has come to refocus, reassess and reassert the things that are most important…


I love these muchly.

Tides of the Force | "New Unions"
Deadlee Deadlee

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