STAR WARS: Abandoned Heroes

Tides of the Force | "Old Habits"

Session Two

Old rivalries resurface in the dawning of new unions. A shared conspiracy amongst the Dark Council veils the fate of young Tabitha from Codename Keeper and Imperial Intelligence, but at what cost to Darth Animus will their silence come? Meanwhile galactic tycoon Conrad Stark-weather Kane learnt a lesson from home when he visited the Yoyodyne luxury liner “Starchamber” with new bodyguard Xavier Roth only to find it was plagued by a bitter gang feud, a bane to popular Cantina proprietor Ray of “Ray’s Aquilonia”. Meanwhile Animus and Tabitha crossed paths with codename: Keeper and were charged with attaining the signature of Queen and King-consort of Alderaan during the Sith’s newest plot “The Treaty of Coruscant”, before aiding the Sith Armada Dreadnaughts infiltrating the inner rim.


Deadlee Deadlee

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