STAR WARS: Abandoned Heroes

Tides of the Force | "New Heroes"

Session One

Ambushed on Alderaan! Following a royal welcome to the pristine streets of Aldara, Capitalist Tycoon Conrad Stark-weather Kane found himself flanked by the hungry eyes and twitching triggers of an Assassination plot. Sounded by rival Bounty Hunters, Kane’s life held in the balance, until an unlikely union brought the aid of galactic roustabout and all round trouble maker Xavier Roth who, after a vertical battle, made their heroic escape on the marked mogul’s newest prize, the Aldera Thranta 700S.

Meanwhile! on the Ash world of ‘Lenico IV’; the Sith Armada continue to rage against their Republic stalemate. Under the merciless gaze of Darth Animus the entrenched Republic Forces could do nothing but await their fate at the hands of the Sith Empires most powerful magicians. However, the fate of an mysterious young lady would soon leave his plans in their wake.

Now, aboard the gunmetal chrome luxury Airspeeder the indebted capitalist talks business with the intrepid capitaliser…


Deadlee Deadlee

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