STAR WARS: Abandoned Heroes

Tides of the Force | Splinter
Session Six

Previously on Abandoned Heroes; Catastrophe at Crevasse City! having returned to their lives in the galaxies new time of “peace”, our Heroes had their worlds shaken as the Dark Council splinter into self-proclaimed factions, with no contact from the Emperor, the Sith Lords turn their new found power against each-other in an egocentric crusade for galactic dominance.

Worlds are conquered, bought and traded amongst the Sith Ranks while the Republic and Imperial Armies fight for their share. Months go by as new borders are drawn in the sand only to be washed away the following day, trade routs collapse and martial law returns to many once civilized planets.

Meanwhile… A mysterious sequence of events force our Heroes underground. Operating out of a secret Headquarters Darth Animus plots his hostile take over of surrounding systems, funded and supported by the Starkweather Kane legacy, who fight for their new agenda under the recently reanimated Conrad Starkweather Kane. Tabitha returns from unknown space; having uncovered her true destiny and acquiring a second mentor. Not to be outdone by the ever enthusiastic Xavier Roth, who focuses his energy inwards; improving himself through rigorous physical and mental conditioning, where he finds the key to his future lays hidden in his past.

A new chapter in the galaxy has begun, and it is up to our heroes to fill its pages…

Tides of the Force | New Tides
Session Five

Write up coming soon.

Tides of the Force | "Old Tricks"
Session Four

Previously on Abandoned Heroes; Darth Jadus’s plot foiled! A call from Codename: Keeper enrages Darth Animus to speak out of turn, dismissing Imperial Intelligence as a thorn in his side. Stalwart in his efforts too complete Darth Jaduse’s assignment, Animus must turn to an unlikely allie, Conrad Starkweather Kane! Meanwhile haunted dreams plague the minds of young Tabitha and freshly re-suited Xavier Roth; A shared history at the Academy, the ghostly visage of Bendax Clavis and the eerie feeling its all connected bring the young force-users closer.

The arrival of a Jedi Grandmaster on Alderaan spikes the interest of both parties, wishing to learn more Conrad follows him to a meeting with Theo Organa but learns only that his will is no match for the Grandmaster, while Xavier discovers a secret cargo too juicy to ignore.

As the Wedding dawns the time for action is now…

Tides of the Force | "New Unions"
Session Three

Conspiracy run-amok! Amidst the shadow shroud of a solar eclipse Darth Jadus calls a secret meeting of trusted Sith Lords to discuss a possible betrayal by Imperial Intelligence and plans to ensure the Councils survival. Answering the call Darth Animus traversed the chaotic wasteland to learn a new tide in the galactic conflict would rise as Darth Malgus leads a purge on the Jedi Temple! an effort made near impossible by the actions of Codename: Keeper. The key to their plans? The wiley skills of young oracle Tabitha, a troubled mind haunted with demons from her past. Meanwhile! avid golfer and king-consort Theo Organa was ready and able as Luxury Liner Air-recycler specialist Conrad Stark-weather Kane sort to rid his hold of the gangster scum plaguing his patrons. Utilizing the masterful skills of his “security adviser” Xavier Roth; flushing out those in power was a as simple as levitating tommy-gun wielding menopausal woman across a stage. NOW! with the Starchamber empty, and the night upon you, the time has come to refocus, reassess and reassert the things that are most important…

Tides of the Force | "Old Habits"
Session Two

Old rivalries resurface in the dawning of new unions. A shared conspiracy amongst the Dark Council veils the fate of young Tabitha from Codename Keeper and Imperial Intelligence, but at what cost to Darth Animus will their silence come? Meanwhile galactic tycoon Conrad Stark-weather Kane learnt a lesson from home when he visited the Yoyodyne luxury liner “Starchamber” with new bodyguard Xavier Roth only to find it was plagued by a bitter gang feud, a bane to popular Cantina proprietor Ray of “Ray’s Aquilonia”. Meanwhile Animus and Tabitha crossed paths with codename: Keeper and were charged with attaining the signature of Queen and King-consort of Alderaan during the Sith’s newest plot “The Treaty of Coruscant”, before aiding the Sith Armada Dreadnaughts infiltrating the inner rim.

Tides of the Force | "New Heroes"
Session One

Ambushed on Alderaan! Following a royal welcome to the pristine streets of Aldara, Capitalist Tycoon Conrad Stark-weather Kane found himself flanked by the hungry eyes and twitching triggers of an Assassination plot. Sounded by rival Bounty Hunters, Kane’s life held in the balance, until an unlikely union brought the aid of galactic roustabout and all round trouble maker Xavier Roth who, after a vertical battle, made their heroic escape on the marked mogul’s newest prize, the Aldera Thranta 700S.

Meanwhile! on the Ash world of ‘Lenico IV’; the Sith Armada continue to rage against their Republic stalemate. Under the merciless gaze of Darth Animus the entrenched Republic Forces could do nothing but await their fate at the hands of the Sith Empires most powerful magicians. However, the fate of an mysterious young lady would soon leave his plans in their wake.

Now, aboard the gunmetal chrome luxury Airspeeder the indebted capitalist talks business with the intrepid capitaliser…


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